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Standing Desk Solutions

DC350 High Rise™ Dual Monitor Sit-Stand Desk Converter
Supports 2 monitors up to 27” wide each (horizontally measured)
A second gas piston allows you to adjust the height of your monitors separately from the desk
28” wide by 23” deep work surface
Gas piston allows you to easily raise your desk up to 15.5” from the table
Heavy steel base provides a sturdy foundation without taking up a lot of desk space

Victor's Ergonomic Solution

Victor's height-adjustable standing desks and sit-stand desks are easy-to-use solutions for anyone looking to stand for some or all of the day. With the exception of our mobile adjustable standing desk, all of our products sit right on top of your existing desk. This means no clamping to, screwing through, or replacing your desk. Set up is quick and easy. Victor Technology offers sit-stand and standing desk options in multiple sizes for a wide variety of uses. All Victor sit-stand and standing desks are available with FREE shipping and a 30-day return policy. From laptop stands to mobile adjustable standing desks, find the perfect desk for your needs in the Victor High Rise™ Collection.
Large Work Surface
Easy-To-Use Lever Adjusts Desk To Seated Position
Heavy Duty Gas Strut
Sturdy Steel Construction
Heavy Duty Steel Casters With Rubber Wheels

Are you sitting too much?

Check out just a few of the benefits of standing at work below:
  • Add Years to Your Life – Research indicates that sitting more than 3 hours a day cuts your life expectancy by 2 years.
  • Reduce Your Risk of a Heart Attack by 46%.
  • Get More Work Done – Studies show that productivity increases 46% when you stand.

DC500 Mobile Adjustable Standing Desk

The High Rise™ Collection offers easy-to-use products that allow users to stand while working. This in turn reduces or eliminates pain users experience from being hunched over their desks and the negative long-term effects of sitting for long hours. Moving from sitting to standing is fast and easy with our sit-stand desk and standing desk options thanks to superior engineering.

Featured products
High Rise™ Dual Monitor Sit-Stand Desk Converter
Key Features
  • Transforms any sit-down desk into a sitting or standing desk.
  • Independently adjustable monitor holder that moves 12 inches from lowest to highest position.
High Rise™ Mobile Adjustable Standing Desk
Key Features
  • Ergonomic benefits of a sit-stand desk plus the mobility of a cart.
  • Sturdy steel construction and heavy duty gas strut that raises work surface to 44 inches and lowers to 29 inches.
Steppie Balance Board
Key Features
  • Healthy alternative to anti-fatigue mats - must have for any standing desk.
  • Simple, low‐impact side-to-side movement engages the stabilizing muscles of your back, core, hips, legs and ankles.