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10 Digit Scientific Calculator with 2 Line Display and Solar Power

Key Features
  • Large 10 Digit LCD Display with 2 Digit Exponent
  • Comparable to the TI-30XIIS
  • 2 Line Scrolling Display Shows Input on Top and Results on Bottom
  • 5 Variable Memories

10 digit scientific calculator has a key layout and functions comparable to the TI 30X-IIS plus boolean logic and hex, dec, oct and binary keys. 2-line display shows entries on the top line and results on the bottom. Perfect for students in General Math, Algebra 1 & 2, Science, Statistics, Trigonometry, and Geometry. Algebraic logic allows equations to be entered as they appear on printed page. Combines statistics and advanced scientific functions in a durable and affordable calculator. Other innovative features: equation recall, trigonometric functions in degrees and radians, fractions, reciprocals, factorials, universal powers and roots, decimal/fraction conversions, natural logarithms, polar/rectangular conversions, 2-variable statistics, and basic scientific functions. Includes protective hard shell case. Operates on hybrid power (solar/battery backup). 2 Year Manufacturer's Standard Warranty.

  • Large 10 Digit LCD Display with 2 Digit Exponent
    • Easy-to-read large liquid crystal display
  • Comparable to the TI-30XIIS
    • Similar key layout and functionality but has a larger display and longer warranty
  • 2 Line Scrolling Display
    • Shows input on top and results on bottom
  • Conversions
    • Fraction/decimal, polar/rectangular, hex/dec/oct/bin, fractions/reciprocals/radians
  • Algebraic Logic
    • Allows equations to be entered as they appear on printed page
  • Trigonometric Functions in Degrees and Radians
    • Logarithms, powers, roots, reciprocals, factorials, etc.
  • Equation Recall
    • Retains previous entries, memory values, and individual statistical elements
  • Logarithms
    • Common and natural
  • 2 Variable Statistics
    • Enter, delete, insert, edit
  • Hybrid Power
    • Operates on solar power with battery backup
  • 2 Year Warranty
    • Victor offers the longest warranties in the industry
Size (in.) 6.5 D x 3.0 W x 0.3 H
Weight (oz.) 3.0
Color Black and Silver
Warranty (yrs.) 2
Power Source Hybrid (Solar/Battery)
Battery Type LR44
Digits 10
Digit Size (mm) 9
Display 2 Line
Exponents 2
Key Type Plastic
Recycled Plastic No
Fractions Yes
Bin/Oct/Dec/Hex Yes
Powers, Roots, Factorials Yes
Common & Natural Logarithms Yes
Reciprocals & Factorials Yes
Polar/Rectangular Conversions Yes
Degrees, Minutes, Seconds Yes
Decimal Degrees Conversions Yes
Trigs and Hyperbolic Trigs Yes
Protective Case Yes