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10 Digit Tax and Currency Conversion Desktop Calculator

Key Features
  • Large 10 Digit Angled LCD Display
  • Manufactured with 50% Recycled Plastic
  • Easy To Use Currency Conversion
  • Automatic Tax Keys

10 digit calculator is perfect for the home or office. Features a large, angled LCD display. Easy-to-use currency keys make solving currency conversions simple. Environmentally friendly calculator is manufactured with 50% recycled plastic. Other functions include: automatic tax keys, selectable decimal and rounding slide switches, percent key, automatic constants, change sign key, 3 key independent memory, automatic power down, and hybrid power (solar/battery backup). 2 year manufacturer’s standard warranty.

  • Extra Large 10 Digit Tilt LCD Display
    • Easy-to-read adjustable liquid crystal display
  • Manufactured with 50% Recycled Plastic
    • Eco-friendly calculator is manufactured with post industrial recycled plastic
  • Currency Conversion
    • Easily change the value of your currency
  • Selectable Rounding Switch
    • Allows you to choose between rounding up, down, or automatic round off
  • Automatic Tax Keys
    • Calculates the tax amount to be added or subtracted to the original price
  • Percent
    • Compute percentage when calculating multiplication and division
  • Change Sign
    • Switch between positive and negative numbers
  • 3 Key Independent Memory
    • Add, subtract, and total memory
  • Hybrid Power
    • Operates on solar power with battery backup
  • 2 Year Warranty
    • Victor offers the longest warranties in the industry
Size (Inches) 5.3 W x 4.0 D x 0.9 H
Weight (oz.) 3.3
Color Black
Warranty (yrs.) 2
Power Source Hybrid (Solar/Battery)
Battery Type LR1131
Digits 10
Digit Size (mm) 13
Adjustable or Fixed Angle Fixed
Key Type Plastic
AntiMicrobial No
Recycled Plastic 50%
Water & Shock Resistant No
Financial / Scientific Calculations Yes
Loan Wizard No
Cost, Sell, Margin Keys No
Mark Up Key No
Automatic Tax Keys Yes
Independent Memories Yes: 3 Key
Auto Replay, Check/Correct No
Percent Key Yes
Change Sign Key Yes
Square Root Key No
Round Up/Down Switch Yes
Selectable Decimal Setting No
Grand Total No
Backspace Key No
Automatic Constants Yes
Slide On Cover No