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10 Digit Scientific Calculator with Solar Power

Key Features
  • Large 10 Digit LCD Display with 2 Digit Exponent
  • 154 Scientific Functions
  • Decimal Degrees and Hex/Dec/Oct/Bin Conversions
  • 1 Variable Statistical Calculation

10 digit scientific calculator performs 154 functions, which make this model perfect for students in General Math, Science, Algebra and Trigonometry! Large, easy to read LCD displays two-digit exponent. This calculator features logarithms, reciprocals, powers, roots, factorials, trigs and hyperbolic trigs. Conversion capabilities, including fraction, HEX/DEC/OCT/BIN and decimal degrees conversions. One variable statistical calculation. Includes protective hard shell case. Operates on hybrid power (solar with battery backup). 2 Year Manufacturer's Standard Warranty.

  • Large 10 Digit LCD Display with 2 Digit Exponent
    • Easy-to-read large liquid crystal display
  • 154 Scientific Functions
    • Including fractions, logarithms, reciprocals, powers, roots, factorials, and many more
  • Conversions
    • DMS/decimal/degrees, degrees/radians/grads, hex/dec/oct/bin, fractions/decimal
  • One-variable statistics
    • Include results for mean and standard deviation
  • Protective Hard Shell Cover
    • Protects display and keys when not in use
  • Hybrid Power
    • Operates on solar power with battery backup
  • 2 Year Warranty
    • Victor offers the longest warranties in the industry
Size (in.) 6.0 D x 3.0 W x 0.3 H
Weight (oz.) 3.6
Color Black and Silver
Warranty (yrs.) 2
Power Source Hybrid (Solar/Battery)
Battery Type LR1131
Digits 10
Digit Size (mm) 9
Display 1 Line
Exponents 2
Key Type Plastic
Recycled Plastic No
Fractions Yes
Bin/Oct/Dec/Hex Yes
Powers, Roots, Factorials Yes
Common & Natural Logarithms Yes
Reciprocals & Factorials Yes
Polar/Rectangular Conversions Yes
Degrees, Minutes, Seconds Yes
Decimal Degrees Conversions Yes
Trigs and Hyperbolic Trigs Yes
Protective Case Yes