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4720-5, 1154-5, & 9525-5

Midnight Black Bundle

Key Features
  • The Desktop Organizer features four full-sized shelves for files, a large drawer for desk supplies, and a sliding door that closes for a clean look
  • The Stacking Letter Tray has a side load perfect for holding paper, folder, and notebooks, a faux leather top that keeps papers in place for filing, and can be stacked on top of one another up to 5 high
  • The Desk Organizer with Smart Phone Holder features three small compartments for storing knickknacks, three large compartments for storing writing utensils and other accessories, and a repositionable acrylic smart phone holder with ergonomic design 
The Victor Midnight Black Collection™ brings a fresh perspective to desk accessories by offering functional solutions with appealing design elements. The 4720-5 Desktop Organizer provides four shelves and one large drawer for flexible storage of files and desk supplies. The sliding door on top pulls out and closes in front to easily hide contents when you want a clean look. Combine two or more Desktop Organizers to create an elegant literature rack or storage system. The 1154-5 Stacking Letter Tray provides a side load letter size desk tray that is large enough for folders. Letter trays nest securely on top of one another for solid stacking up to 5 high. The 9525-5 Desk Organizer with Smart Phone Holder provides compartments for small knickknacks and writing utensils, while providing a removable ergonomic system to hold your mobile device. Features sturdy wood construction with a durable double coated matte black finish. Frosted glass windows add a touch of class. Non-slip rubber feet reduce movement and protect your work surface from scratches and scuffs. Perfect for use either at home or in the office. 90 day manufacturer warranty.
  • Four Full-Sized Shelves for Files
    • Perfect for storing files, folders and papers
  • Large Felt-Lined Drawer
    • Perfect for storing pens and desk supplies
  • Sliding Door
    • Pulls out and closes in front for a clean look

    • Side Load Letter Size Tray
      • Perfect for holding papers, folders and notebooks
    • Stackable
      • Letter trays nest securely on top of one another for solid stacking up to 5 high
    • 3 Small Compartments
      • Sorts and holds paper clips, rubber bands and other small knickknacks
    • 3 Large Compartments
      • Sorts and holds pens, pencils and other writing/desk utensils
    • Acrylic Phone Holder
      • Repositionable to any of the large compartments while keeping your phone at a comfortable ergonomic level