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14 Digit Professional Grade Heavy Duty Commercial Printing Calculator

Key Features
  • Large 14 Digit Fluorescent Display
  • Heavy Duty Fast 5.2 Lines Per Second 2 Color Printer
  • Financial, Loan and Time Calculations
  • Cost/Sell/Margin Keys

14 digit calculator is perfect for the everyday advanced user, especially in a busy office setting. Extra heavy duty durability is perfect for power users. Features financial, loan and time calculations. You can count on the fast and reliable 5.2 lines-per-second ribbon printer. Easy to use financial, loan and time calculations help you figure net present value, future value, installment loan payments, days between dates and even allows you to print an amortization schedule in just a few keystrokes. Cost/sell/margin keys make for quick and easy profit margin calculations (simply enter two variables and the third automatically appears). Two independent tax keys for working with two tax rates. Other functions include: two independent memories, constants in multiplication and division, percentage add-on and discount, time/date, change sign key, square root function, large-size add and subtract keys, item count, fully selectable decimal settings, date/non-add key, and selectable rounding switches and 4 key independent memory. AC Powered. 3 Year Manufacturer's Standard Warranty.

  • Large 14 Digit Fluorescent Display
    • Extra bright easy-to-read, large display
  • Heavy Duty Fast 5.2 LPS 2 Color Printer
    • Built for the toughest applications
  • Amortization Schedules
    • Print or display an entire schedule, specific month or any range of months
  • Future/Present Value
    • Determine an investment’s worth today or in the future
  • Days Between Dates
    • Compute the number of days between dates or compute the proper date by entering the number of days
  • Loan Wizard
    • Calculate Payment, Months, Interest, and Loan Amount. Simply enter any three of the variables and the fourth automatically appears
  • Time Calculations
    • Add, subtract, multiply and divide hours/minutes or minutes/seconds. This feature allows you to compute time consuming payroll time sheets, time cards, billing time for TV/Radio time frames, and professionals who charge by the hour.
  • Cost/Sell/Margin Keys
    • Simply enter two variables and the third automatically appears
  • 2 Independent Tax Keys
    • Allows you to program two separate tax rates for easy computation. Enter two different tax rates (such as city/state) and they are added to your sales total automatically
  • Selectable Decimal Switch
    • Allows you to choose how many decimal places are displayed
  • Selectable Rounding Switch
    • Allows you to choose between rounding up, down, or automatic round off
  • Time/Date Feature
    • Displays and prints the current time and date
  • PC Touch Keyboard
    • Keys have similar shape and feel to a computer keyboard
  • 4 Key Independent Memory
    • Add, subtract, subtotal, and total memory
  • Delta Percent
    • Automatically compares any two amounts and then calculates and prints the difference and percent of change
  • Change Sign
    • Switch between positive and negative numbers
  • Grand Total
    • Any total taken is automatically accumulated to memory
  • Percent
    • Compute percentage when calculating multiplication and division
  • Date/Non-Add
    • Allows you to print the date without affecting the calculation
  • Sigma
    • Automatically adds the results of multiplication and division to the accumulator
  • Backspace
    • Allows you to delete the previous entry
  • Square Root Function
    • Calculates the inverse of a squared number
  • Item Count with Averaging
    • Prints the number of entries on the tape, and will also print and display the average of the entries.
  • AC Power
    • Operates on AC power only
  • 3 Year Warranty
    • Victor offers the longest warranties in the industry
Print Type Ribbon
Ribbon/ Roller Type 7010
Size (in.) 12.5 D x 8.8 W x 2.8 H
Product Color Light Gray
Weight (lbs.) 4.10
Warranty (yrs.) 3
Power Source AC
Battery Type AC Only
Calculator Stand LS125
Paper Type 2 1/4"
Print Color Black and Red
Number of Digits 14
Digit Size (mm) 18
Display Type Fluorescent
Print Speed (lines per second) 5.2
Accepts 2-Ply Paper Yes
Recycled Plastic No
Time/Date Feature Yes
USB Capable: Communicates with PC No
Help/Program Key No
Reprint Function No
Text Printing No
Installment Loan Calculations Yes
Amortization Yes
Future/Present Value Yes
Days Between Dates Calculation Yes
Time Calculations Yes
Cost/Sell/Margin Keys Yes
Mark Up Key No
Two Independent Tax Keys Yes
Automatic Tax Keys No
Item Count Yes
Grand Total Yes
Independent Memories Yes, 2: 4 Keys Each
Auto Averaging Yes
Sigma Yes
Delta Percent Yes
Square Root Yes
Change Sign Key Yes
Percent Key Yes
Print Size Standard


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