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12 Digit Desktop Business Calculator

Key Features
  • Extra Large 12 Digit Angled LCD Display
  • Manufactured with 40% Recycled Plastic
  • Cost/Sell/Margin Keys

12 digit business calculator is perfect for the home or office. Features an extra large, easy to read angled LCD display. Environmentally friendly, this calculator is manufactured with 40% recycled plastic. Cost/sell/margin keys for quick and easy profit calculations (enter two variables and the third automatically appears). Other functions include: selectable decimal and rounding slide switches, backspace key, percent key, square root key, change sign key, 3 key independent memory, and automatic constants. Includes a slide-on protective hard shell case. Operates on hybrid power (solar with battery backup). 2 Year Manufacturer's Standard Warranty.

  • Extra Large 12 Digit Angled LCD Display
    • Easy-to-read liquid crystal display
  • Manufactured with 40% Recycled Plastic
    • Eco-friendly calculator is manufactured with post industrial recycled plastic
  • Cost/Sell/Margin Keys
    • Simply enter two variables and the third automatically appears
  • Automatic Tax Keys
    • Calculates the tax amount to be added or subtracted to the original price
  • Selectable Decimal Switch
    • Allows you to choose how many decimal places are displayed
  • Selectable Rounding Switch
    • Allows you to choose between rounding up, down, or automatic round off
  • Percent
    • Compute percentage when calculating multiplication and division
  • Grand Total
    • Any total taken is automatically accumulated to memory
  • Change Sign
    • Switch between positive and negative numbers
  • Square Root Function
    • Calculates the inverse of a squared number
  • Backspace
    • Allows you to delete the previous entry
  • 3 Key Independent Memory
    • Add, subtract, subtotal, and total memory
  • Hybrid Power
    • Operates on solar power with battery backup
  • 2 Year Warranty
    • Victor offers the longest warranties in the industry
Size (Inches) 6.5 D x 4.3 W x 1.0 H
Weight (oz.) 4.7
Color Black
Warranty (yrs.) 2
Power Source Hybrid (Solar/Battery)
Battery Type LR1130
Digits 12
Digit Size (mm) 16
Adjustable or Fixed Angle Adjustable
Key Type Plastic
Recycled Plastic 40%
Water & Shock Resistant No
Financial / Scientific Calculations No
Loan Wizard No
Cost, Sell, Margin Keys Yes
Mark Up Key No
Automatic Tax Keys No
Independent Memories Yes: 3 Key
Auto Replay, Check/Correct No
Percent Key Yes
Change Sign Key Yes
Square Root Key Yes
Round Up/Down Switch Yes
Selectable Decimal Setting Yes
Grand Total No
Backspace Key Yes
Automatic Constants Yes
Slide On Cover No