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Price $ 367.49
    • Dual monitor sit-stand desk converter allows for correct ergonomic posture while working
    • Transforms any sit-down desk into either a sitting or standing desk
    • Gas strut design allows adjustable desk and computer monitor height with the twist of a knob
    • Modern, black desk workstation features a sleek wood construction
    • Patent No. 9,332,839
Price $ 314.99
    • Transforms any sit down desk Into a sit or stand-up desk
    • Large work surface
    • Gas strut design raises and lowers desk surface and monitor
    • Sturdy construction with steel base
    • Patent No. 9,332,839
Price $ 139.99
    • Transforms Any Sit Down Desk Into A Stand-Up Desk (Does Not Lower To The Sitting Position)
    • Work Surface Rotates To Promote More Movement, But Can Be Locked If No Movement Is Preferred
    • Sturdy Construction With Steel Base
    • Custom Height Lever
Price $ 129.99
    • Transforms Any Sit Down Desk Into A Stand-Up Desk
    • Large Work Surface
    • Sturdy Black Wood Construction
    • Open Shelf For Papers