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January 5, 2013


New Paper Organization System Embraces Pilers

Pile Possibilities offers relief – finally – for the desktop paper stacker


BOLINGBROOK, IL – Victor Technology LLC, an international supplier of desktop accessories and calculators, is excited to announce the launch of Pile Possibilities™, an insightful collection of desktop organization products that caters to desktop paper pilers, helping them enhance their current organizational style rather than changing it.


“Research indicates that piling papers is a functional and productive way to organize work, yet there are few products designed for pilers” said Jordan Feiger, CEO of Victor. “Pilers prefer papers to be in plain sight on their desktop. Pile Possibilities™ is a tool to enhance their organization and increases productivity with products that stack, divide, separate or contain papers quickly and easily.”


Each Pile Possibilities™ product is made of a transparent material and a reusable writing surface which allows for a quick visual and useful reference to a pile’s content. Each product comes ready-to-use and offers a unique benefit for the piler allowing them to move and reconfigure the piles on their desk.


Pile Stacker™ is a stackable, acrylic organizer that, once placed over a pile, creates a new pile surface and additional working space.

Pile Separator™ slides between papers and includes an angled ledge at the top for easy identification of a pile’s contents.

Pile Tab™ slides between piles to divide it into sections and includes a tab cutout for easy viewing and labeling of a pile’s contents.

Pile Band™ is an elastic band with an acrylic piece that secures piles.

Pile Tile™ is a glass tile that sits atop a pile, allowing quick identification.


“Pile Possibilities gives me the tools to improve my workspace in my preferred organizational style. They’re so easy to use, and I love how I can stack them and label different sections,” said Chicago-area small business owner Jack Flynn.


Pile Possibilities products can be purchased through OfficeMax, Amazon and hundreds of Independent Dealers as well as directly through Victor. Visit www.pilepossibilities.com.


About Victor Technology, LLC

Victor Technology LLC is an American-owned and operated supplier of desktop accessories and calculators. With deep roots in the Chicagoland community for nearly a century, Victor distributes its products throughout North America and Puerto Rico to independent office supply dealers, Internet retailers, OfficeMax, Staples and Office Depot. For more information, visit www.victortech.com.


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